One stop for all your engineering needs

Axiom Novus team has a significant experience in design, engineering, procurement and finding innovative solutions. You need assistance in the conceptual design or looking for a solution in advanced stage, we can help you through out every stage. Our know how experience and solutions backed by scientific methods and calculations makes sure you have the best optimized solution.

The quality of work which is accurate and precise defines our solutions. We add value by working beyond standards but making sure the business case is still sustainable. We employ the best industry practices adhering to standards employing cutting edge technology in the industry. The result is not only a efficient system but also reduces the impact on environment significantly.


Axiom Novus was founded by a team of passionate engineers from diverse discipline in renewable industry. The company was founded in 2023 in Denmark by Benedict Ruben.

Together with the rest of the team we have experience in designing over 2 GW of utility scale PV plants.

Axiom Novus is on a mission to provide engineering expertise to build efficient PV plants through innovation and proven methodologies while adhering to regulations and standards.

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